Merchant Resources

MyMerchantOffice® is a merchant solution service dedicated to allow merchants to access their business account information online 24/7 and to reach customer service. With the website, business owners can also retrieve their deposit information, reconcile their deposits, view detailed reports of their chargeback and retrieval histories, and receive prompt answers to questions they submit via e-mail.

Customer Service

National Merchant Network supports its merchants with exemplary customer support 24/7 in more than 140 languages and dialects. The customer service staff helps merchants reconcile their deposits, understand their account statements, and answer questions about rates, fees, chargebacks and retrievals. Merchant calls that require special attention are transferred to special representatives who will do everything within their power to meet the merchants' needs.

POS Help Desk

Technical assistance for point-of-sale (POS) processing equipment and credit card processing issues is available from the POS Help Desk. Merchants can rely on representatives from the POS Help Desk to answer questions about their POS processing equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, new merchants can call the Help Desk for training instructions and assistance to operate their POS processing equipment.

Gateway Support

The Technical Support Department assists merchants with our Secure Payment Gateway, other Internet gateways and processing software. Merchants can get help with setup of the Central service and the Connect service payment options by contacting the HTML Support Group. The API (application support interface) Support Group helps merchants implement the API service for transaction processing and manages shopping cart compatibility.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows merchants to access their deposit history, to order merchant statements and to connect to the voice authorization center. Merchants can also request that their reports are faxed or mailed.

Merchant Club

The Merchant Club (MC) offers merchants numerous value-added benefits, including free selected point-of-sale supplies and a program that supplements equipment warranties and provides prompt equipment replacements.

Fraud Protection

From the latest encryption regulations to fraud protection, check conversions and reconciliation of statements, National Merchant Network is able to help deliver safe, reliable transactions through our e-commerce payment services. We has several programs in place to help limit liability and help reduce chances of fraudulent activity. Our back-office fucntionality and mutiple feature options allow us to maximize the speed and security of no cash payment offerings. Each account come with the security from TansArmor absolutely free. NO catch FREE!

While we provide the lowest rate, the highest level of security and the fastest processing in the industry bar none we also offer a No Hassle Rate Review each quarter. This is an automated program that surfs all accounts looking for changes and loop holes to provide peace of mind for business owners knowing they are always processing at the lowest possible rate. We commit to keeping you in business while saving you money on every transaction. Take down the sign that says no credit card purchases less than $5. With our service it won't affect your bottom line!

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